Its true, Reptilian is among us!


1️⃣ Create and mint the original Reptilian, followed by the Reptilian '100 Days' Collection of 10,000 unique hand drawn and coloured NFT pieces, released daily in batches of 100, plus 1 daily checklist.

2️⃣ 'Drop Ins' will also begin to appear spontaneously throughout and beyond the '100 Days' Collection as a bonus set.

3️⃣ All future holders will receive an airdrop reward shortly after the full Reptilian '100 days' collection is sold out!

4️⃣ Utility is also a major goal and will be applied when the time arrives.

5️⃣ Merchandise will become available to the growing community.

This collection is FOR THE PEOPLE and is, therefore, on the gas free Polygon Network!!